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The Art of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a delicate field. It involves subtly adjusting different areas of the body to create beautiful, natural-looking results. Doctors must have an artistic eye and creative approach to meet each patient’s individual needs. Being the best plastic surgeon in South Jersey (or beyond) requires more than just medical skill. Plastic surgery is both an art and a science.

I have always embraced the artistic side of plastic surgery. Between my general and plastic surgery residency training, I earned a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Art. My background is a bit unique among other plastic surgeons, but it gives me the ability to view aesthetic procedures with fresh, informed eyes.

Understanding Beauty

Plastic surgery involves more than understanding basic anatomy. When you’re changing aspects of a person’s appearance, you need to have a strong sense of aesthetics. This is true among cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation or a breast lift, and it’s even more so when it comes to reconstructive treatments. Any changes a surgeon makes should complement a patient’s natural beauty. Every lift and contour should flow well with the rest of a person’s appearance.

I’m not the only one who has seen the connection between art and plastic surgery. As an article in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery explains:

“The plastic and reconstructive surgeon’s goals to recreate form and function require, among other things, a thorough knowledge of anatomy and meticulous surgical technique. We would argue that an artistic flair is also important and will only enhance the surgeon’s practice to achieve the best aesthetic outcomes.”

Understanding art is essential when it comes to aesthetic procedures. It’s important to know what is appealing when trying to create beauty.

My Personal Art Background

I have always striven to be the most well-rounded plastic and reconstruction surgeon possible. I am passionate about plastic surgery and helping South Jersey patients look their best. I spent many years practicing and teaching at different universities and institutions, but the time spent training in fine arts was just as impactful to my practice.

My focus during art school was on multimedia sculpture. Learning to sculpt clay and marble has many parallels to sculpting skin and fat. Much of sculpting involves analyzing your media and reimagining what it could be. When I look at my patients, I see how I can refine and enhance their natural beauty.

Plastic surgery is more than a certain set of medical skills. It requires an artistic eye and a steady, precise hand. Many of my patients enjoy this kind of approach to their aesthetic procedures. By balancing the art and science of plastic surgery, board-certified plastic surgeons in South Jersey and around the world can create stunning, natural-looking results.

If you want to discuss your plastic surgery questions with me, please request a consultation online. You can also call our practice office at (856) 362-8898.

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