Benefits of a Mommy Makeover

Are you a mommy? Do you feel like your body doesn’t quite look like it used to? Are you considering a mommy makeover? If so, read on! A mommy makeover can give you back the body you once had – or even better, an even better body than before! There are many benefits to having …

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Breast Reconstruction Benefits

If you’ve had a mastectomy or are facing one, you may be wondering about breast reconstruction. There are many benefits to breast reconstruction surgery, from improved self-esteem to a more natural appearance. Read on to learn more about the options available to you and the benefits of each. Breast reconstruction is a type of surgery …

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Breast Reconstruction Recovery Time

A breast cancer diagnosis is one of the most traumatizing and trying things a woman can go through. Although it is at the top among the most diagnosed cancer in women, early detection and intervention are crucial in increasing the odds of winning the battle. If cancer has grown beyond the point of just removing …

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How Can I Lift My Sagging Breasts?

With time, the breasts naturally lose firmness and shape. Sagging breasts are normal, yes, and also quite a frustrating problem to live with. Caused by numerous factors, including weight changes, hormone changes, gravity, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, breast ptosis affects all women at some point. The cosmetic effects of sagging breasts can be managed temporarily with …

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What is Recovery Like After a Facelift?

Like most other surgeries, a facelift procedure requires a few weeks of recovery. In general, the recovery period lasts about 4-6 weeks, but this varies from patient to patient depending on their health status and age. Here are a few things you can expect during each week of the recovery process immediately following your facelift …

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