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Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a nerve compression affliction of the hand characterized by night waking, tingling, numbness and, in severe cases, weakness and pain. The thumb, index and middle fingers are primarily affected and symptoms are often most pronounced at night. For carpal tunnel treatment, Dr. Sean Bidic, Dr. Vinay S. Gundlapalli and Dr. Casey Gene Sheck in New Jersey generally begin conservatively in patients with mild or moderate symptoms. If symptoms persist, however, surgical intervention may be required.

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Dr. Bidic has treated many patients with carpal tunnel syndrome, most often prescribing anti-inflammatory medication and splinting. If it is determined that surgery is eventually required, Dr. Bidic can perform this simple operation on an outpatient basis. He is fully trained in both the open and endoscopic techniques and has performed hundreds of successful primary and secondary carpal tunnel releases. Making the correct diagnosis is key to a successful outcome.

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