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Other Hand Surgeries

The highest quality expertise in the treatment and care of hand and wrist disorders.

The hand is one the most "human" aspects of a person. Our hand function, including the opposable thumb and opposable ring and small fingers, separates the human being from all other animals. Hands allow us to work and play - the loss of normal function is often career, sport and hobby ending. Aging, trauma, nerve compression syndromes, and arthritis affecting the hand and wrist can be both debilitating and unsightly. Dr. Sean Bidic is board-certified in both plastic surgery and hand surgery. Thanks to his extensive training, experience and expertise in the latest advances in plastic surgery and orthopaedic surgery technology related to the hand and wrist, Dr. Bidic offers a wide range of non-operative and reconstructive surgical treatments to help you return to the normal, healthy and active lifestyle you deserve.

Hand and Wrist Reconstructive Procedures

Trigger finger syndrome is the condition where tendons of the finger joint swell due to overuse, thereby "locking" the finger into a fixed position. The most common treatment of trigger finger is with an injection of steroids into the flexor tendon sheath. The cortisone injection should decrease the swelling within the tendon, and restore the normal mechanisms of the flexor tendon mechanism. If the problem does not resolve, a surgery to release the tendon may be warranted. This procedure is a same day surgery that can be performed by Dr. Bidic under local anesthetic or regional nerve block. Under most conditions, this procedure can be performed in the office. He will make a small incision in the skin to release the tight tunnel overlying the flexor tendons in the palm. The patient will be moving the finger immediately after surgery and showering the next day.

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