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Contouring your body means sculpting your curves to reveal definition and shape. Body contouring procedures achieve a wide range of goals, including removing excess skin and fat. Aging, weight loss, pregnancy and other causes of physical changes may be motivating you to seek state-of-the-art sculpting surgeries. Look no further than American Surgical Arts. Experienced plastic surgeons Dr. Sean Bidic and Dr. Vinay Gundlapalli create a treatment plan tailored to your goals. To arrange a consultation in Mullica Hill, NJ, please call our team at 856-362-8898.

Body Contouring Procedures at American Surgical Arts

The surgeons at American Surgical Arts tailor recommendations to you. In a consultation, they’ll want to listen carefully to your concerns and wishes, and make surgical recommendations only after they understand your goals.

How Much Does Body Contouring Cost?

The cost depends on the specific procedure or combination of procedures, as well as other factors like anesthesia. We present the cost estimate after you’ve discussed your options at the consultation. We will also discuss your payment options. We do accept financing through CareCredit, if you wish to apply for payments made monthly through that firm.

How Long is the Recovery from Body Contouring?

The recovery depends on the procedures chosen. You will need to take some time off from work and strenuous activity, anywhere from several days to several weeks based on procedure. Surgeries like tummy tuck and butt augmentation require the most time off from certain activities, while liposuction allows for a relatively rapid return. We make sure you have all the details as you choose procedures.

How Long will the Results Last?

Again, this depends on the specific surgery. The great thing about body contouring is that the results of all procedures tend to be long-lasting. You can maintain and extend the results by pursuing a fit lifestyle and stable weight. It is of course possible to regain fat and saggy skin, particularly if you gain weight, but also as a simple fact of aging. Having said that, patients are happy with their contouring results for the long-term.

What is the Right Age for Body Contouring?

There’s really no wrong or right age. You must be an adult and ready to accept all associated risks, costs and benefits of the procedure. Our surgeons will make sure you are in good overall health and that your body is ready to undergo the surgery. They also make sure you are a good candidate and know what to expect from body contouring.

Begin the Body Shaping Journey

Ready to find out if body contouring is right for you? To arrange a consultation with one of our experienced cosmetic surgeons, please call American Surgical Arts in Mullica Hill, NJ, at 856-362-8898. Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Sean Bidic and Dr. Vinay Gundlapalli are passionate about providing beautiful results to their patients, as well as an outstanding patient experience. We look forward to meeting you to discuss your options.

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