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Whether due to accident, surgery or other causes, when the skin is damaged, scar tissue acts to replace the original, damaged skin to help the wound close and to protect it from natural elements. Although it is impossible to predict how a scar will eventually heal, our surgeons can significantly improve the appearance of a scar on virtually any part of the body with laser scar removal or scar revision surgery in New Jersey.

For body and facial scar removal in New Jersey, choose a plastic surgeon with experience and abilities that exceed your expectations. Request your consultation online or call (856) 362-8898 to schedule your appointment.

Your Scar Revision Procedure

There are different methods to diminish the appearance of scars. During your consultation, the surgeon recommends the best approach after an examination and discussing your aesthetic goals. Scar revision procedures in general are either non-surgical or surgical.

Non-Surgical Treatments

These range from creams and ointments to dermabrasion and laser scar revision. Laser treatment is one of the most effective procedures to diminish the appearance of scars without surgery. Its benefits include:

  • Little to no downtime
  • Simple procedure with minimal discomfort
  • Quick, non-invasive treatment sessions
  • Excellent scar revision outcomes

Surgical Treatments

Scar revision surgery is especially useful for facial scars. The primary scar revision technique, called Z-plasty, has different goals, depending on the nature of the existing scar. It can:

  • Lengthen a contracted scar
  • Change the direction of a scar to better align it with relaxed skin tension lines
  • Interrupt and break a scar so it is camouflaged

The Cost of Scar Removal

As is the case with all cosmetic procedures, the cost of scar removal procedures depends on the technique used and the extent of the procedure. Of course, the price of creams or ointments is going to be significantly less than that of scar revision surgery. Ultimately, if you're considering scar revision treatment the most important consideration should be finding a qualified plastic surgeon who is experienced in various scar revision techniques.

About Scar Revision

Every individual heals differently, and the effects of any scar are most often unique in nature. It is essential to note, however, that once a scar is present, it will never entirely disappear. The blemish may be made less conspicuous, but some mark will always be present. Our cosmetic surgeons are experienced in the surgical excision of scar tissue through the reconstruction of the wound with either re-approximation of the tissue (Z-plasty), laser treatments, injections, flap reconstruction or skin grafts — all designed to lighten or diminish the scar's appearance.

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