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When it comes to signs of aging around the eyes, most people think crow's feet. Other contributors to a tired, aged appearance are sagging tissue in the upper and lower eyelids with a hollowing in some areas and bulging fat in other areas of the lower lids. Fortunately, you can correct these conditions through blepharoplasty with New Jersey plastic surgeons who are well-versed and highly skilled in the delicate procedure.

If you're considering eyelid surgery in New Jersey, choose a surgeon with experience and results that exceed your expectations. Request your consultation online, or call (856) 362-8898 to schedule your appointment.

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What Are the Benefits of Eyelid Surgery?

A blepharoplasty has several benefits for those with ptotic eyelids, including:

  • Improved line of sight: In some cases, excess skin can drape over the eyelashes, resulting in reduced vision. Eyelid surgery can help correct this by removing the sagging parts of the upper eyelid.
  • Enhanced eye shape: By removing excess fat and skin, the shape of the eye can change dramatically leaving you with a rejuvenated appearance.
  • Corrected under eye bags A blepharoplasty can help sculpt the orbital fat around the lower eyelid to reduce puffy or baggy eyes.
  • Reduced forehead muscle straining: Excess skin can be caused by genetics, age, or even sun exposure. In severe cases, this can make the upper eyelids feel heavy, which puts stress on your forehead muscles. Eyelid surgery corrects this by removing and tightening the skin weighing down your upper eyelid.
  • The procedure not only restores a youthful, well-rested look, but also provides long-term results. For upper eyelids, the results last anywhere from 5-7 years, while the results for the lower eyelids are mostly permanent.

    Who is a Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

    You may be a good candidate for a blepharoplasty if:

    • You have fat deposits that cause puffiness in your eyelids
    • You have sagging upper eyelids that obstruct your vision
    • Your lower eyelids are baggy or droopy
    • You don’t smoke
    • You are in good overall health

    At American Surgical Arts, we can help you determine your candidacy and create a custom procedure that addresses your concerns.

    Schedule Your Blepharoplasty Consultation in Mullica Hill, NJ!

    Everything about our surgeons' methods is focused on you as the patient. They make it their goal to spend the time it takes to ensure you are well informed before making any decisions. During your consultation, the surgeon will discuss your concerns and goals and begin outlining a detailed plan. Whether that plan includes non-surgical options such as dermal fillers or an alternative solution such as brow lift, they will take a conservative approach that you can feel confident about.

    Call (856) 362-8898 today to learn more about Blepharoplasty and whether you are a candidate for treatment! Or, you can fill out out appointment request form for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Sean Bidic, Dr. Vinay S. Gundlapalli and Dr. Casey Gene Sheck!

    Your Blepharoplasty Procedure

    Eyelid surgery is a relatively common cosmetic procedure. Sometimes called an eyelid lift, the procedure encompasses 2 primary techniques that the plastic surgeons can perform together or separately:

    Upper blepharoplasty: In the upper eyelid area, skin, muscle, and fatty tissues can sag and hang down over the eyes, creating a tired, aged, unhappy, or scowling appearance. Through incisions hidden in the natural crease of the upper eyelid, the surgeon can remove loose or excess tissue, including fat, to create a smooth upper eye area.

    Lower blepharoplasty: With age, the lower eyelid and upper cheek area typically lose structural integrity and volume, characterized by bags or a hollow look. Using incisions concealed along the eyelashes or in the lower eyelid, the plastic surgeon can remove excess tissue and reposition or remove fatty tissue. A patient's own fat can also be used to replace lost volume.

    What to Expect After Surgery

    After your surgery, you will have ointments on your eyelids. You should get as much rest as possible for the first week, keeping your head elevated. You should avoid anything that will strain or dry out your eyes, such as reading or looking at a TV or monitor for long periods of time. The plastic surgeon will provide detailed instructions for managing discomfort, minimizing swelling, and producing the best results as fast as possible.

    Scars will blend in with your natural eyelid contours over time, but they can take up to a year to fade into your skin. Your previously droopy, fatigued-looking eyes will be transformed into a refreshed, alert, youthful appearance.

    To make the recovery process as quick and comfortable as possible, you should:

    • Take care of chores or errands ahead of time (groceries, laundry, etc.)
    • Purchase eye drops and fulfill your prescriptions in advance
    • Prep some nutritious meals
    • Keep yourself hydrated
    • Wear loose fitting clothing
    • Reduce screen time
    • Avoid smoking
    • Attend your follow-up appointments

    During the first 1-2 weeks, you may experience swelling, bruising, light sensitivity, dry eyes, or irritation. Avoid rubbing your eyes and sleep with your head elevated to reduce swelling. You may also use a cold compress to help with any pain or discomfort. After two weeks, most patients are able to return to work.

    How Long Does a Blepharoplasty Procedure take?

    The entire procedure, including both upper and lower eyelids, lasts about 2 hours.

    How Long After My Blepharoplasty Will I See My Results?

    It takes about six weeks to see the final results of your blepharoplasty procedure. The incision lines usually fade within 4-6 months after the surgery, leaving a nearly invisible scar.

    Patient Testimonials:

    "Great experience with Dr. Bidic. I had a procedure done about 3 months back and extremely pleased with the results. The whole process was made so easy by his office. The staff, from the scheduler to the front desk staff to the nurses are all amazing. Dr. Bidic explains everything in detail and takes the time to answer all questions. He is a true artist. I am so happy to have such a great plastic surgeon in our town." - K.T.

    "Dr. Bidic and his entire staff are highly professional, thorough, compassionate, and congenial! It is extremely evident that Dr. Bidic hand-selected his staff very carefully. He ensures that everyone who visits his practice receives the same exceptional care that he or she deserves.

    Dr. Bidic listened to my desires and concerns, and truly took all the time I needed to answer all of my questions at all times, from start to finish, and believe me...even in between! In addition to Dr. Bidiic's surpassing care; his extensive medical background was important to me when choosing the best surgeon. Hands down, he has it! He is current on innovative cutting-edge medical procedures and technologies.

    I highly recommend American Surgical Arts to everyone who is needing the very best plastic surgeon that will satisfy your medical needs, and who you are proud to call your TOP DOC! Dr. Bidic indeed!" - B.H.

    "I was recommended to Dr. Bidic for my procedure. He knew exactly what I needed and he and his staff were very professional. He was on time and proceeded with the surgery carefully. The post-op was easy to manage and the pain was minimal. I greatly recommend Dr. Bidic and his staff." - T.B.

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