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The Art of Plastic Surgery

A person sits on an exam room table before a plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is a delicate field. It involves subtly adjusting different areas of the body to create beautiful, natural-looking results. Doctors must have an artistic eye and creative approach to meet each patient’s individual needs. Being the best plastic surgeon in South Jersey (or beyond) requires more than just medical skill. Plastic surgery is both an art and a science. … Read more

COVID-19 Policy

In an effort to mitigate the transmission of the COVID-19 virus, American Surgical Arts and ASA Aesthetics is implementing the following precautions until April 30th. At that time we will re-evaluate the current circumstances in our community to make an informed decision as to the safety relative to resuming business as usual. Effective immediately please note the following; Dr. Bidic and Dr. Gundlapalli … Read more

Why Board-Certification Matters for Breast Augmentation

A woman considering breast augmentation views implant samples from a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in America. With more women requesting this treatment than ever before, the number of doctors offering the surgery has increased. Unfortunately, not all breast augmentation plastic surgeons are created equally. South Jersey patients should find a professional with the skill and expertise to properly conduct this delicate surgery. One of … Read more

Your First CoolSculpting® Treatment: Before, During, & After

A woman tries on new clothing after getting CoolSculpting in South Jersey

Noninvasive procedures are more popular than ever, and the trend has definitely arrived in New Jersey. CoolSculpting® patients at our South Jersey practice enjoy freezing away fat and slimming down curves—all without any downtime or surgery. With CoolSculpting now in such high demand, many patients are trying this treatment for the very first time. To help those new to body … Read more

What Does it Mean to Be the “Best” Tummy Tuck Surgeon?

A woman measures waist after her tummy tuck.

If you’re like many people considering a tummy tuck, you probably began your online research by searching for the “best tummy tuck plastic surgeons in South Jersey,” or whichever area you are from. The internet is a wonderful place to start, and your search will no doubt turn up plenty of surgeons claiming to be the best in your area. … Read more

Embrace the Cold This Winter with CoolSculpting®

A woman smiles in bed after getting a successful CoolSculpting procedure.

If you have pockets of fat that resist all your best diet and exercise efforts, you may be tempted to hide under layers of sweaters and scarves this winter. Instead of bundling up, consider shedding the fat with a simple, noninvasive procedure that freezes your fat cells. I often recommend CoolSculpting to my patients in South Jersey who want a … Read more

Considering a Tummy Tuck? Here Is What You Need to Know

A person considering an tummy tuck measures their waistline.

A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a body contouring procedure in which a plastic surgeon removes excess skin and tightens the separation between the abdominal muscles. Patients considering tummy tuck surgery at my South Jersey practice are often looking for solutions to loose skin concerns after pregnancy or weight loss and want help in gaining a flat, … Read more

Natural-Looking Results: It’s All About Proportion

A woman smiles after recovering from a subtle breast augmentation.

Women thinking about getting breast implants often spend months, even years, researching and considering their options. Once they choose a plastic surgeon and schedule a date for their procedure, a mix of excitement and anxiousness is common. And then there is life after breast augmentation. In South Jersey, my patients want to know what to expect and how having larger … Read more

Know These 3 Things Before Mommy Makeover Consultation

A woman researches a mommy makeover.

Most women considering a mommy makeover at my South Jersey practice may think about their decision for months or years before actually scheduling a consultation. The choice is intensely personal and one that often comes at a time when they’re raising a young family. Not something to jump into on a whim. If you find yourself in the midst of … Read more

Considering Plastic Surgery? Use These Tips to Prepare

Considering getting plastic surgery in New Jersey? Here are some important tips to help you prepare.

If you’ve been researching plastic surgeons in South Jersey, you’re probably thinking about how to prepare for plastic surgery. I usually encourage women and men during their consultations to consider the pre-surgey time as a great opportunity to not only prepare for their procedure but to also make other lifestyle changes. People who want to look their best can take … Read more

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