Is NeoGraft the Solution for Your Hair Loss?

Upset,Middle,Aged,Man,With,Alopecia,Looking,At,Mirror,,Hair Early hair loss can be a distressing issue to deal with. You may quickly grow self-conscious about your thinning hair and feel helpless against it. However, you may not actually be as helpless as you believe. Thanks to the emergence of new treatment options, you may still have a chance to reverse your hair loss. NeoGraft® has emerged as one of the top hair restoration options for people seeking modern solutions. Keep reading so you can learn more about this treatment and its benefits.

How Does NeoGraft Restore Your Hair?

The hair restoration provided by NeoGraft is predicated on a process known as Follicular Unit Extraction. It targets a patch of terminal hair found elsewhere on your body and initiates extraction through the use of a special device that relies on pneumonic pressure. This method also focuses on extracting terminal hairs because those follicles are thicker and coarser. On top of that, a terminal hair follicle may also contain up to three individual hairs.

After gathering the terminal hair follicles, the individual hairs they contain are separated. The separated hairs are then implanted on patches of your scalp that have suffered hair loss. Another specially designed tool will be utilized to implant the terminal hair follicles.

The process will continue until all the hair follicles have been positioned in the right spots.

What Are the Benefits of the NeoGraft Procedure?

Why should you opt to treat your hair loss using NeoGraft? For starters, this procedure is more comfortable than hair transplants. Your service provider will also use a topical anesthetic to eliminate what small amount of discomfort the procedure may have caused.

The NeoGraft procedure also requires a shorter recovery period because the service provider does not have to cut into your scalp. You can return to work and your routine not long after the procedure.

The results of the NeoGraft procedure also warrant praise. Expect to get a natural-looking head of hair once the transplanted follicles have fully grown.

Enjoy the Benefits of the NeoGraft Procedure Courtesy of American Surgical Arts

Partner with American Surgical Arts in Mullica Hill, NJ, if you’re interested in the NeoGraft procedure. Schedule your consultation by calling 856-362-8898 or using this contact form.

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