Why Do Dermal Treatments Require Follow-Up Treatments

Studio shot of a young man checking the skin on his face An incredible number of dermal and cosmetic treatments are available, both for in-home use and others that require treatments in an office setting. Overall, the main goal of these treatments is to regain lost elasticity, volume, and tone in the face. Although many may prefer a permanent result, most of these require follow-up treatments to maintain the same appearance,

Depending on the dermal filler or injectable, the temporary nature of the results can be a good thing and provide you with greater control over your appearance.

Perhaps the most popular dermal injectable, BOTOX®, and others like it, work by blocking the signals sent to the facial muscles that cause them to contract and create lines and wrinkles in the skin. Your doctor will use a specific amount that provides the best balance between blocking the muscle contractions and making an artificial appearance where you cannot show emotions.

Over time, your body will metabolize the botulinum toxin. A simple follow-up treatment will help maintain the same appearance in many cases. However, many patients will need less injectable as the targeted facial muscles lose strength and can even atrophy where no more treatments are necessary. This allows the doctor to adjust the amount used in each treatment.

Similarly, other treatments that use hyaluronic acid (HA) and other molecules naturally created by your body to increase lost volume require similar follow-up treatments. Like BOTOX®, a specific amount of these formulas is needed to balance an artificial look and naturally regain volume.

In many cases, these treatments can boost your body’s natural processes; over time, your body may begin to create more of these molecules. Since these treatments require follow-up treatments spaced about a year apart, the amount used can be adjusted to make a natural appearance that better matches your age.

The American Surgical Arts Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery expert staff have the knowledge and experience to create the perfect treatment plan to meet your aesthetic goals. Contact the Mullica Hills, NJ office at 856-362-8898 or visit www.americansurgicalarts.com to schedule a consultation today.

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