Are Chemical Peels Painful?

woman touching soft cheek and smile with clean and fresh skin Along with lost volume and elasticity of facial skin, aging and exposure to the elements can cause the outer layer of skin to appear dull and unhealthy. Many treatments safely and effectively treat these effects of aging below the skin.

By combining these treatments with others that can improve the general appearance and healthiness of your skin, you can have a holistic aesthetic improvement in the appearance of your face and regain the radiant and youthful look you want.

Although many at-home treatments use specialized creams and ointments to restore moisture and health to the top layer of your skin, these may not be enough to penetrate as far as to reach a healthy layer. In these cases, a chemical peel is a great treatment option to remove the dull and worn outer layer to reveal fresh and healthy skin.

During an in-office treatment, your aesthetician will use a chemical serum specifically chosen for your skin type and condition. The serum will be applied to your cleansed face and left for a time before being gently washed away.

Although you may experience redness and some peeling for a few days after the treatment, you will quickly see a healthy and fresh layer of skin on your face. Even though the top layer of skin is removed, most patients report only a mild tingling sensation on their face.

By selecting a specific formula to match your skin and its condition, your aesthetician will choose the perfect balance between the aggressiveness of the serum to give the results you want and gentle enough to be painless. If needed, your aesthetician will also use a cooling or numbing topical ointment to increase comfort during the treatment further.

Don’t let the fear of a painful treatment keep you from obtaining the radiant and youthful look you are after. A chemical peel at American Surgical Arts Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery in Mullica Hills, NJ, can provide the aesthetic improvement you want, safely and conveniently, with no pain.

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