How Light Movement After Cosmetic Surgery Can Help Your Recovery

portrait of elegant brunette woman in bed Many people try to avoid surgery to help improve their aesthetics or achieve other cosmetic goals thinking they will have severe restrictions from normal activities during their recovery. While many non-invasive treatments can come close to providing similar results, the benefits from surgical procedures can be seen nearly right after and are usually permanent.

Each surgical procedure will have a specific recovery plan and timeline to follow. However, these recoveries do not mean that you cannot do many of the activities you enjoy or are otherwise not allowed to move around or leave the house.

Regardless of the procedure, the first few days after the surgery will involve allowing your body to recover from the anesthesia and procedure itself. Rest during this time is important to allow your body to begin the healing process.

However, light movement and activity during your recovery may actually improve the healing process, shorten the recovery time, and may even prevent some health issues caused by the surgery from appearing.

While the limit to the intensity of the activity will vary based on where the surgery was on your body, light movement and activity such as walking can increase blood circulation and help your body heal. As your recovery timeline progresses, the intensity level may gradually increase.

The goal of the activity during your recovery is only to increase your heart rate enough to help circulate the blood and gain the psychological benefits of exercise. Being careful to protect your surgical site and not allowing your heart rate to climb too high is essential to achieving the best results from the procedure.

Don’t let the fear of a long or restrictive recovery keep you from achieving the look you want. The doctors and staff at American Surgical Arts Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Mullica Hill, NJ, can work with you to develop a recovery plan that gives the best chance of success while fitting in with your schedule. Call the office at 856-362-8898 or visit to get started.

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