How Eyelid Surgery Can Improve More Than Just Your Appearance

Beauty woman in a white shirt with long and shiny wavy hair As we age, our bodies begin to slow their production of collagen and elastin, both of which help give our skin its tightness and elasticity. Over time, this can lead to the appearance of sagging skin or areas of lost volume that appear sunken or hollow.

One area on the face that can show the effects of this more than others is the browline and eyelids. When you make certain expressions, your facial muscles pull on your forehead and the skin around your eyelids.

As there is less collagen and elastin to reverse the effects of this stretching, the skin near your eyelids can begin to droop. This can also create bulging skin below the eyes, as the lax skin rests on the top of your cheekbones.

A blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, can reverse the appearance of these effects and bring back a more youthful look to your eyes and browline. There are other less invasive treatments that can provide similar results. However, none offer the same fast and long-lasting results as blepharoplasty.

Most patients see results that last up to 7 years for surgery on the upper eyelids and are more permanent for the lower eyelids.

Although it is a surgical procedure that will need a recovery period, there are other benefits beyond the aesthetic improvements blepharoplasty can provide. Since the primary goal of the procedure is to tighten the skin near your eyelids, this can improve your field of vision, especially above your eyes.

This also reduces straining felt on the forehead from using your facial muscles to lift your eyelids and eyebrows.

Even if you don’t believe your sagging eyelids are blocking part of your vision, contact the doctors and staff at American Surgical Arts Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Mullica Hill, NJ, to see how blepharoplasty can improve your appearance and give you a larger field of vision. Visit or call 856-362-8898 to schedule a consultation.

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