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Ouch: Is It Time for a Breast Reduction?

If you’re unhappy with the size of your breasts and would like them to be smaller or more even, you could benefit from breast reduction surgery.

How Does Breast Reduction Surgery Work?

Breast reduction surgery can be performed on one or both breasts.

Breast reduction surgery involves reducing the size of the breast, reshaping it, and lifting it. To begin the process, the plastic surgeon will make an incision around your areola and nipple. Then, the surgeon cuts down the middle of your enlarged breast. Excess fat and tissue are extracted to decrease the breast’s size. The surgeon must also remove some of the breast’s skin, so it’ll conform to the breast’s new size. Following the extraction, the surgeon reattaches the areas that were cut apart and reshapes your breast to give it a natural look that complements your other breast.

Why Do Some Women Want a Breast Reduction?

We have come across many reasons why patients would like a breast reduction. The following are the most common reasons we hear for getting a breast reduction.


Not all women who want breast reduction surgery have macromastia. Some women who want this procedure have slightly uneven breasts or breasts that are too large for their liking. In either case, these women experience a sense of dissatisfaction with how they look and feel in clothes and swimwear. They develop a sense of insecurity.

Size Adjustment

Some of our patients want a breast reduction, so their bodies will have a more proportionate aesthetic overall. Having breasts that are the same size does not mean you must be happy with them. You may find them to be too large for the rest of your body and make shopping or exercise difficult. If so, a reduction may be necessary to balance out your frame.

Back Pain

Having one or two large breasts can create severe–even debilitating–back pain. This back pain tends to lead to poor posture. Eventually, some women will develop spinal disorders in extreme cases of abnormally large breasts.

Mullica Hill, NJ, Breast Reduction Experts

Scheduling an appointment with the right breast reduction surgeon is vital to your results and satisfaction. Breast reduction is a more intense, intricate cosmetic surgery than some other procedures and it requires years of knowledge, experience, and keenness. Luckily, the licensed plastic surgeons of American Surgical Arts have the expertise necessary to ensure optimal results. To schedule a consultation with us, call 856-362-8898.

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