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Get A Perfect Summer Bum With American Surgical Arts

Have you been squatting all day but are failing to see results? Are you frustrated that your backside might not look as great in swimwear as you’d wanted? Ultimately, exercise can only do so much for your lower half. If you want noticeable, dramatic results, buttock enhancement surgery is highly recommended. To get a perfect summer sum buttock augmentation is the answer to your problems.

How Does Buttock Augmentation Work?

Buttock augmentation surgery is like a Brazilian Butt Lift. The plastic surgeon removes fat from areas that typically have an excess, such as your thighs and hips. The surgeon may also remove excess fat from your lower back and flanks if a butt lift is necessary for the enhancement. Then, the surgeon repurposes the fat and injects it into specific areas of your buttock. The result is a rounder, firmer, fuller derriere.

Why Should I Get Buttock Augmentation?

Faster Results

It’s great to exercise, but it can take forever to see results when exercise is all you do. There’s no reason to spend countless hours in the gym when a butt augmentation procedure is available. Buttock augmentation surgery guarantees faster results, so you’ll have more time for other things.

Perfect Shape

Men and women spend countless hours toning, weightlifting, and squatting to get the derriere of their dreams. However, due to genetics, inconsistency, and not knowing which exercises plump their buttocks, most do not attain the shape they desire. Augmentation is a trusted way to achieve the perfect shape. You can opt for plumper upper or lower buttocks and have a say-so in the degree of your buttocks’ fullness, firmness, and softness.


Unlike with exercise, your butt will not lose its shape in correlation to your diet and exercise. Although routine exercise can further lift and enhance the curvature of your buttocks, you will not see a noticeable deflation in buttock size if you do not work out. On the other hand, if you reshaped your buttock solely through exercise, then it will likely return to its original form once you stop exercising.

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