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Body Contouring Enhances Your Weight Loss

Losing weight is a great accomplishment. It improves cardiovascular health and mobility. It boosts confidence and can result in positive changes like a new relationship, the confidence to go after a new promotion, and can even lead to new adventures like competitive sports and travel.

However, sometimes weight loss leaves you with loose skin. If that is the case for you, body contouring is something we should talk about because a lot of people who lose weight don’t even realize that body contouring is an option to reshape their loose skin.

What Is Body Contouring?

Body contouring is a process that combines various procedures to reshape your body. It allows you to regain the sleek look you enjoyed before gaining weight. It can be personalized to fit your needs. Some of the procedures are surgical. It is possible that you might combine some of the surgeries in a mommy makeover process or find that you benefit more from one surgical procedure and one non-surgical procedure.

The Surgical Options

Surgical procedures include an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, a panniculectomy to remove excess skin from your lower abdomen, or liposuction. All of these procedures are effective for people who have lost a lot of weight and want to shape that weight loss into a strong, attractive body.

Non-Surgical Option

CoolSculpting is an innovative non-surgical procedure to shape the body. It works by freezing off the excess skin. The process involves placing a roll of excess skin between freezing panels in a process called cryolipolysis. This causes the fat to crystalize, destroying them.

You probably have questions and you might even want to see photos of results from previous procedures. The next step should be giving our office a call!

Discuss Your Options With American Surgical Arts

American Surgical Arts in Mullica Hill, New Jersey provides body contouring to patients who want to reshape their body after a massive weight loss. Scheduling a consultation allows us to determine the options that work best for you based on your health, goals, lifestyle, and tastes. Call us today at 888-309-8802 or visit for more details.

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