How to Make Recovery from Eyelid Surgery Much Easier

Brunette female red lipstick smiling on gray background The effects of aging can be seen nearly everywhere on our faces. This is especially true in areas with thinner skin than others. The skin around the eyelids is especially susceptible to these effects, not just because of the thinness of the skin but the repetitive movement of the eyelids while blinking and squinting.

There are several aesthetic products and treatments available that help slow the progression of aging around the eyes. Other treatments that use dermal fillers can effectively reverse some of the effects. However, the results of the treatments are temporary and may not be enough to meet your aesthetic goals.

For more severe cases or those who want a more permanent solution to reversing the signs of aging around the eyes, blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is a way to permanently restore the youthful and radiant look around your eyes. Although it is considered a more invasive procedure than other treatment options, the recovery is still relatively mild and may be worth it to obtain the desired results.

As with many surgeries, the first few days after the procedure will be spent recovering from the anesthesia and slowly regaining sensations and feeling around the surgery site. Generally, most patients report mild discomfort during this time and very rarely severe pain.

Over the next few weeks, protection of the eye and the eyelids is most important to achieving the best results. Although generally meant to protect your vision, dark-tinted sunglasses help heal by reducing the need to squint your eyes and eyelids.

Cold compresses and anti-inflammatory medication can also help reduce swelling, irritating the eye. Your doctor may also prescribe lubricating eye drops to help with any dryness in your eyes during healing.

Don’t let the fear of a painful or prolonged recovery keep you from getting the youthful and rejuvenated look around your eyes. Call American Surgical Arts Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Mullica Hill, NJ, at 856-362-8898 or visit to schedule a consultation. The team of doctors and aestheticians is available to answer all your questions about eyelid surgery or other aesthetic treatment options.

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