Tips for Seeing the Best Results from Laser Treatments

High Angle View Of A Therapist Giving Laser Epilation Treatment On Mans Armpit In recent years, advancements in medical technologies and procedures have created many safe and effective non-invasive treatment methods to achieve aesthetic goals. One treatment method that has grown in how many cosmetic issues it can treat without needing medicine or injections is using laser light and energy.

From hair removal, vein treatment, and resurfacing of damaged skin, laser energy has been proven very effective at achieving a wide variety of aesthetic goals while being entirely non-invasive. Although there are no restrictions or set recovery paths to follow after each session, there are several things you can do, to better achieve success from laser treatments.

Depending on the specific cosmetic condition you are treating with laser energy, some differences in the treatment session and how your body responds may exist. The ways to promote healing and see great results are similar.

Regardless of the purpose, laser energy is used to painlessly remove hair, tiny layers of damaged skin, or reach varicose veins. This will cause a new layer of fresh and healthy skin to be exposed to the elements. Since this is the first exposure to the skin, it will be remarkably delicate and susceptible to damage.

After each session, there will likely be some redness and tenderness in the treatment area(s). This is usually very mild and should not interfere with everyday activities. However, avoiding direct sunlight is perhaps one of the best ways to promote the healing the newly exposed skin layer.

After the first few days following the treatment sessions, soothing ointments or creams can reduce the itching and help prevent scratching. Using lotions and creams with sun blocking or screening properties is best to continue the protection best. Along with avoiding the sun, this will have a significant impact on helping you see the best results from laser treatments.

If you have an aesthetic goal you would like to treat, contact Dr. Bidic, Dr. Gundlapalli and Dr. Sheck at American Surgical Arts Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Mullica Hill, NJ, to see if laser treatments might be best for you. Call the office at 856-362-8898 or visit to schedule a consultation today.

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