How Many Times Can I Receive BOTOX® Injections?

Portrait of young man with beautiful hair on grey background BOTOX® has become one of the most popular treatment options for reducing the development and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. It is especially effective around the eyelids and across the forehead. BOTOX® has also been proven very effective with minimal risks of significant side effects.

As your age and your body produces less collagen, your skin stops rebounding from muscle contractions. Over time, this can cause wrinkles and lines to form. BOTOX® treatments involve injecting small amounts of a solution of onabotulinumtoxinA in specific areas around your face. This solution works by not allowing the nearby muscles to contract and cause lines and wrinkles to develop or deepen.

The results from BOTOX® are generally very effective at helping achieve aesthetic goals. However, the effects are temporary, and without follow-up treatments, your facial muscles will again be able to contract and form lines and wrinkles.

As effective as BOTOX® is, it is also safe enough that regular follow-up injections can be used to maintain the desired appearance and effect. In general, these can be spaced about 6 months apart. These treatments can also be combined with other aesthetic procedures to create a holistic and more natural look while regaining that youthful appearance.

In some patients, their bodies begin metabolizing the BOTOX® faster, requiring more per session. In others, the muscles will slowly atrophy, needing less. The expert aestheticians at American Surgical Arts Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery can develop a plan that works best with your body and aesthetic goals.

The team of doctors and aestheticians at American Surgical Arts Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Mullica Hill, NJ, can answer all your questions about BOTOX® or other aesthetic treatment options. They will perform a comprehensive consultation to develop the perfect aesthetic treatment plan customized for your goals and your body.

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