Are You Guilty of Believing These Breast Augmentation Myths?

Young,Woman,Checking,Her,Breast,On,Color,Background.,Cancer,Awareness Breast augmentations are among the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world, with millions of procedures taking place each year. Providing a variety of benefits, they have helped millions reach their cosmetic goals.

Despite their popularity, some common and persistent myths may deter those who would otherwise benefit from breast augmentation. By learning the facts about breast augmentation, it can help you make better, more informed decisions for you and your body. Learn the truth about breast augmentation today.

Myth: You Can’t Breastfeed After Getting a Breast Augmentation

According to researchers, most women should not experience trouble with breastfeeding when following breast augmentation. One study found that the majority of those with breast implants, regardless of the type of implant, were able to breastfeed.

The study also found that there were some with breast implants who faced complications. However, the percentage of people with implants who had breastfeeding complications was comparable to breastfeeding complications experienced by the general population and those who don’t have implants.

Myth: You Have To Replace Implants Often

Regardless of the type of implant, typically, you can count an implant lasting for years and sometimes even up to two decades. By maintaining proper care and ensuring you undergo routine checkups, you can help elongate the life of your breast implants to last as long as possible.

Myth: Any Doctor Can Perform a Breast Augmentation

While a doctor may be trained or knowledgeable in breast augmentation, only board-certified doctors have received extensive education and proficiently demonstrated their ability to the American Board of Plastic Surgery. A breast augmentation, like any surgery, has various risks associated with the procedure. Depending on the skills, experience, and knowledge of the surgeon, the outcome of the procedure may vary.

Make sure you work with a board-certified surgeon to help give you the best opportunity to achieve the results you want.

Get a Breast Augmentation at the American Surgical Arts in Mullica Hill, NJ

At American Surgical Arts, we recognize the most important fact when it comes to any type of surgical procedure is the need to emphasize patient care and results, which is why all three of our doctors are board-certified. Constantly advancing their knowledge and abilities, our doctors strive to bring you the best in plastic surgery.

If you’ve been considering breast augmentation, you can work with our exceptional team by calling 888-309-8892 to request an appointment.

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