Can Scars Be Removed?

Woman,With,A,Scar,On,Her,Shoulder,Over,White,Background Struggling with scars, ranging from small to large, can be more than just a cosmetic issue. Itching, discomfort, and sometimes even pain can be experienced with scars, making you wish there was a way you could have your scars removed.

Luckily, there are solutions for scar removal. In fact, at American Surgical Arts, our exceptional cosmetic surgeons are capable and effective in utilizing a variety of tools such as laser surgery, skin grafts, injections, and more to help you in your scar revision process to diminish the appearance of scars. Keep reading to find out more about scars and scar removal.

Why Do Scars Form?

Scars are composed of fibrous tissue, which you can feel if you run your fingers over it. Scars are typically tighter and have a different texture than your skin. During scar formation, your body will increase the production of different types of tissue and proteins, such as collagen. When there is an overproduction of collagen, you develop a raised scar.

What Do Scar Removal Techniques Do for a Scar?

There are several methods of scar removal. Skin grafts, for example, transplant healthy tissue from one area of the body to the area of damaged or severely scarred skin. After transplantation, and with enough time to heal, the healthy transplanted tissue grows properly

In cases where scarring isn’t as severe or skin grafting isn’t needed, laser scar removal may be utilized. With laser scar removal, there are two main methods: ablative and non-ablative laser treatments.

Ablative laser treatments vaporize the scarred skin, prompting another healing and growth response from the skin, forming new skin cells. The skin that regrows typically has less color discrepancy and is less raised than the original scar.

Non-ablative laser treatment utilizes heat therapy to coax a healing response from the skin. This leads to increased production of vital structural proteins, mainly collagen. With more collagen, scar tissue may be able to remediate itself.

Find Scar Treatment in Mullica Hill, NJ

At American Surgical Arts, we have three board-certified surgeons on our team. You can expect personalized treatment for you and your scars. We place an emphasis on creating an environment of care and delivering results so that we can bring you the best in plastic surgery.

If you would like to learn more about scar removal treatments, you can work with our exceptional team by calling 888-309-8892 to request an appointment.

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