Top Benefits of Getting a Facelift

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Noticing signs of aging can send you into a panic quickly. Fortunately, a facelift can help you reinvigorate your youthful appearance and boost your self-confidence. While some individuals may be concerned with how a facelift can change their appearance, it is important to recognize all of the benefits that come with this type of procedure.

Top Benefits of Getting a Facelift

There are an array of benefits that you can expect after getting a facelift.

Targets Several Signs of Aging at Once

A facelift surgery is an excellent option for addressing several problem areas at once. This procedure can help eliminate deep wrinkles, flatten the crease between the mouth and nose, address sagging and drooping skin, and remove excess fat.

Helps Eliminate a Double Chin

A double chin can form as a result of excess fat or extra skin around the neck. This excess skin can make you appear much older than you really are. A facelift and a neck lift can both help to address concerns that you may have in this area. This procedure will help to remove excess skin and tighten up your neck.

Can Help Eliminate Your Jowls

Sun exposure, age, and losing a lot of weight can result in excess skin around the chin and face. In some cases, this can result in unsightly jowls. A facelift can help tighten up this area and slim the jawline, reducing the appearance of jowls.

Tighten Up Sagging Facial Skin

Collagen levels in the body continue to decrease as you age. As a result, sagging and loose skin develops. A facelift can help to remove any excess skin and tighten up the facial muscles and neck area. This will essentially restore a smooth and more youthful appearance.

See If a Facelift Is Right for You

If you are struggling with signs of aging on your face, facelift surgery may help provide you relief, and American Surgical Arts can help.

The board-certified surgeons at American Surgical Arts in Mullica Hill, NJ, are committed to providing top-quality services for patients. If you are interested in exploring the ways that a facelift can help you, reach out to the team by calling 856-362-8898 to request an appointment.

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