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Natural-Looking Results: It’s All About Proportion

Women thinking about getting breast implants often spend months, even years, researching and considering their options. Once they choose a plastic surgeon and schedule a date for their procedure, a mix of excitement and anxiousness is common. And then there is life after breast augmentation. In South Jersey, my patients want to know what to expect and how having larger breasts will affect their lives.

Choosing to get cosmetic breast enhancement surgery is a highly personal decision and women should reflect on what motivates them and consider some practical implications of having breast implants. One common theme I hear from patients is worrying about exercising with larger breasts. In this blog post, I’ll address this and other factors that can influence results they want from breast augmentation surgery.

Results That Look Natural

The majority of breast augmentation patients I see say they want results that look natural. What that means is having breasts that look proportional to the rest of their body. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, augmentation results that are proportional will minimize concerns about unwanted impacts on a patient’s life.

Common Post-Augmentation Concerns

Breast augmentation can boost the confidence of a patient who has felt self-conscious about her body throughout her adult life. Or it can restore volume for someone who had children. Whatever the reason for getting breast implants, patients often share these concerns when deciding on the size of implants:

“Will I be able to exercise after breast augmentation?”

Patients who lead an active lifestyle that includes exercise, hiking, weightlifting, or running, don’t want breasts that interfere with these pursuits. I often treat breast reduction patients who say they can’t go for a run even with a supportive sports bra. If the final results are proportional to the body, it’s likely breast enhancement surgery won’t pose any problems for continuing to enjoy physical activity.

“Is it common for patients to experience neck or back pain after getting implants?”

Again, implants that can be supported by the frame of a woman’s body minimize the risk of developing these symptoms. When patients come in saying they want a specific size of implant because they liked a friend’s results, I ask if the friend has a similar body frame. Because if they don’t, the results won’t be the same.

“I dress professionally at work and I’m worried about attracting too much attention.”

There’s a fine line between having confidence in your body and feeling like everyone’s eyes are on you. Natural-looking results allow you to dress conservatively at work but have the freedom to wear clothes that show off your new figure when you go out. It’s all about proportion.

The key to getting the desired results is finding the right plastic surgeon, a process based on criteria I described in a previous blog post. Use that information when researching plastic surgeons in South Jersey. If you’re in the process of making that choice, you can contact us using the online form to request a consultation or call us at (856) 362-8898 to schedule an appointment.

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