Body Contouring after Weight Loss

blonde woman in yellow two piece swimsuit with white shirt on forearms. No matter how you get to your ideal weight, through diet and exercise or via bariatric surgery, you’ve accomplished a lot. Weight loss and management can be incredibly difficult, so reaching your goals is something to celebrate! That said, we often meet people who have lost a significant amount of weight and, while they feel proud, they aren’t quite fully satisfied with their appearance. When a significant amount of weight is lost, people are often left with loose, redundant tissue on one or more areas of the body. If you are experiencing this, you may feel that you still look heavier than you truly are. This is when post-weight loss body contouring can be extremely beneficial.

Consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon for body contouring takes on new meaning for the person who has lost a substantial amount of weight. The surgeon must recognize the contours that want to be revealed and have exquisite surgical skills to expose them. At American Surgical Arts, body contouring may involve one or more of a variety of procedures. Examples include:

The lower body lift is a signature procedure our surgeons often perform for weight loss patients.

Getting the Gold

The gold in body contouring is the refinement of your unique shape. To achieve the very best results, Dr. Sean Bidic, who specializes in lower body lift procedures, spends a great deal of time listening to your concerns and goals. He assesses your physical needs and objectives and develops a surgical plan accordingly. Understanding the importance of optimal outcomes in these unique cases, Dr. Bidic reviews before and after images to demonstrate previous results, and is also happy to connect patients who have had body lift treatments with prospective patients who may have additional questions.

Am I a Candidate for Body Contouring?

If your weight loss journey has left you with redundant tissue in any area, you may be a good candidate for body contouring. You must be in good general health and have a strong support system of people who can see you through your recovery. If you smoke, you must quit well before surgery so that your body is in prime condition for tissue healing.

Reach your ideal shape after weight loss with body contouring treatment tailored to your needs. Contact our office in Mullica Hill, NJ at (856) 362-8898 to schedule your consultation.

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