Keeping Your Tummy Tight after Your Tummy Tuck

Womans body with measuring tape close up. Abdominoplasty, known as tummy tuck surgery, is a rewarding experience. Once you have the shape you’ve imagined, you want to enjoy it for as long as possible. Knowing that age and weight can alter the outcome of your tummy tuck at some point, you can begin planning well in advance to mitigate these factors to the fullest extent possible. Here, we discuss three of the easiest ways to continue reveling in your new shape for many years after your tummy tuck.

Exercise Regularly

Chances are, if you’re booking an appointment to discuss a tummy tuck, you’ve lost some weight. Whether that is pregnancy weight or some extra pounds you’ve been carrying around for years. One of the best things you can do for your tummy tuck longevity is to maintain the exercise practices you’ve put into place to reach a weight that is healthy for you. Exercising before surgery is advantageous for an optimal cosmetic outcome and it also fuels your body with the energy it needs to recover as quickly as possible. After your tummy tuck helps you acheive your refined shape, you can maintain it by living an active lifestyle.

Eat Well

As you may have guessed, your tummy tuck results will depend greatly on your lifestyle habits after surgery. Gaining a few pounds is not significantly concerning. Gaining 15 or more might be. The goal of a healthy diet is not just to lose weight or maintain weight, it is also to support your skin, muscle, and connective tissue as you age. When you look at your eating habits as the best way to fuel your body while also sustaining your tight, flat tummy, you can feel empowered to design a diet that feels truly satisfying rather than limiting. Maintaining weight doesn’t have to be a chore when you focus on eating fresh low-salt and low-sugar foods more than processed and packaged foods.

Carefully Time your Tummy Tuck

If you want to have a tummy tuck that lasts for many years, the timing of your surgery matters. You can safely carry a fetus after having an abdominoplasty. Getting pregnant after a tummy tuck isn’t a matter of medical concern, it is a matter of maintaining your new shape without having to have a subsequent procedure. Pregnancy usually results in abdominal weakness, loose skin, and excess fatty tissue. There is also a risk of muscle separation. For these reasons, it is wise to schedule abdominoplasty once you have completed your family.

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