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What Does it Mean to Be the “Best” Tummy Tuck Surgeon?

If you’re like many people considering a tummy tuck, you probably began your online research by searching for the “best tummy tuck plastic surgeons in South Jersey,” or whichever area you are from. The internet is a wonderful place to start, and your search will no doubt turn up plenty of surgeons claiming to be the best in your area. But how can you tell which practice really is the best?

Here are a few criteria you should look for as you search for the best tummy tuck surgeon near you.

Board Certification

Before you explore any other criteria, this should be the first qualification you look for. Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery represents years of extensive training, demonstrated experience, and an aptitude for compassionate and ethical patient care. In addition to being board-certified, I have chosen to further my credentials by becoming a member of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand.

Great Before-and-After Photos

No matter how extensive a surgeon’s qualifications may be, results will always speak for themselves. A reputable surgeon will happily share before-and-after photos of their actual patients so you can see real examples of their work. In these photos, you should see a clear positive transformation, results that look natural, and well-healed incisions. To see examples of my work, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

An Artistic Vision

Creating great tummy tuck results takes an artistic eye and an appreciation for aesthetic intricacies of the abdomen. The “best” surgeon will have a vision for an attractive abdomen that is not only flatter and firmer, but that also looks natural and that you can feel confident showing off.

My tummy tuck results are elevated by my study of multimedia sculpture while pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Art. This background allows me to see the body through an artistic eye and helps me understand form, proportion, and the nuances of a beautifully shaped figure. I know it’s important for you to see this vision as well, which is why I use VECTRA® 3-D imaging to help you envision your results clearly.

Reputation and Reviews

Real patient reviews are essential when it comes to locating the best plastic surgeon. These reviews are your honest insight into what it’s like to work with a surgeon, from the first meeting to the final results. It’s a good sign if a surgeon has not only positive reviews but also a large number of them. Read my reviews here.

A Personal Approach

In my opinion, the real measure of my success as a surgeon is the health and happiness of my patients. In my pursuit to be the best plastic surgeon I can be, this is what I always have in mind. I make this real through the consultation process, where I intently listen and do all I can to educate my patients on their procedures, how they will be performed, and what can be expected for recovery.

If you would like to start your own surgical journey or learn more about my approach to tummy tuck here in South Jersey, please contact us online or call (856) 362-8898.

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