Palate Reconstruction

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Case ID: 5996

Front: left image pre op with the cancer , right image 3 months post op after excision and reconstruction with radial forearm free flap

Front: left image is the planned site for the radial forearm free flap , the right image is the skin grafted and healed fore arm

Front: The white circle marks the mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the palate

Front: right image showing the harvested radial fore arm fasciocutaneous free flap


Doctor: Dr Gundlapalli

63 year old female patient with a cancer of the hard palate under went radical excision of the hard and soft palate by the Oral and maxillofacial team and we reconstructed the defect with a radial forearm free flap and skin skin grafted the fore arm defect. Patient recovered very well was able to eat and drink without any problem, she also had no issues with her speech.

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