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Your First CoolSculpting® Treatment: Before, During, & After

A woman tries on new clothing after getting CoolSculpting in South Jersey

Noninvasive procedures are more popular than ever, and the trend has definitely arrived in New Jersey. CoolSculpting® patients at our South Jersey practice enjoy freezing away fat and slimming down curves—all without any downtime or surgery. With CoolSculpting now in such high demand, many patients are trying this treatment for the very first time. To help those new to body … Read more

Embrace the Cold This Winter with CoolSculpting®

A woman smiles in bed after getting a successful CoolSculpting procedure.

If you have pockets of fat that resist all your best diet and exercise efforts, you may be tempted to hide under layers of sweaters and scarves this winter. Instead of bundling up, consider shedding the fat with a simple, noninvasive procedure that freezes your fat cells. I often recommend CoolSculpting to my patients in South Jersey who want a … Read more

Frequently Asked Questions about CoolSculpting®

To many people, CoolSculpting in South Jersey is nothing short of a miracle treatment. With effortless fat loss, no downtime, and minimal side effects, it’s one of the most in-demand nonsurgical body contouring treatments I perform. But many people still want to know exactly how CoolSculpting works, what kind of results they can expect, and if they are a good … Read more

Liposuction or CoolSculpting®? Which Is Best for You?

Liposuction in Vineland, NJ

Many people are genetically programmed to store fat in certain areas of their bodies and find it nearly impossible to reduce these persistent fat pockets, despite their best effort. While a person’s genetic makeup can’t be changed, having unwanted fat is not a reason to give up on a healthy lifestyle. For example, men and women who exercise and eat … Read more

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