Why Fall and Winter Are Ideal Seasons for Plastic Surgery

A woman in a yellow sweater, red leather jacket, and heart-shaped sunglasses makes a pouty kiss face and holds a large autumn maple lead over her eye Fall is in full swing across New Jersey. Cooler temperatures abound and winter is right around the corner. It’s a great time of year to schedule the cosmetic procedure you’ve been considering. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Bundle up and cover up. The cooler weather means that sweaters, coats, and long pants are the wardrobe choices of the season. After surgery, many people want to bundle up and conceal post-surgical swelling, which is a cinch when the weather calls for warm clothes. In the summer, shorts and sleeveless tees tend to reveal more.
  • Cool, calming temperatures and less sun exposure. The cooler temperatures may help reduce inflammation and generally make you feel more refreshed following surgery. It’s also recommended to avoid sun exposure while everything heals, which may be easier to do in the fall as opposed to the summer, when long days in the sun are the norm.
  • Plenty of recovery time before spring and summer. With about six months or more before you’ll start pulling out your summer dresses and bikinis, this is a great time to get surgery because you will be fully and completely recovered in time for summer fun.

Ultimately, the right time for your procedure is a personal choice. It’s important to plan for taking time off from work, social activities, strenuous exercise, and other demanding obligations. We are happy to discuss scheduling that has worked for our other patients, and sort through all of the recovery items to plan for. Our experienced plastic surgeons make sure that each patient is prepared with all the information they need. We want you to feel confident and happy about your decision to move forward with surgery.

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If you are interested in cosmetic surgery for the fall or winter – or any time of year – then please call American Surgical Arts in Mullica Hill at 856-362-8898. Our experienced plastic surgeons Dr. Sean Bidic, Dr. Vinay Gundlapalli and Dr. Casey Gene Sheck are personally committed to achieving results their patients love. We look forward to arranging your consultation.

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