Which Breast Implant Feels the Most Natural?

A woman standing in a field of wine grapes. Generally, the look and feel of your breast implant depends on a few different factors. While many patients believe that the material is the most important part of making a breast implant feel natural, there are few other considerations to keep in mind. At American Surgical Arts, Dr. Sean Bidic, Dr. Vinay Gundlapalli and Dr. Casey Gene Sheck can discuss all of your breast augmentation options based on your aesthetic goals.

In most cases, the feel of a breast implant depends on the following:

  • The Material. Most patients find that cohesive gel implants, also known as “gummy bear” implants, look and feel more natural than other implant types. Saline implants, while ideal for those who want smaller incisions or a subtle visual enhancement, do not have the same feel as breast tissue.
  • The Profile. When it comes to implants, some women may prefer breasts that project high off the chest wall, while others may desire a full, yet natural look. Round implants, both large and small, have different profiles depending on your aesthetic goals. At American Surgical Arts, Dr. Bidic, Dr. Gundlapalli and Dr. Sheck will take measurements to ensure that your implant’s profile matches your unique body proportions.
  • The Shape. Whether you choose a saline or silicone-based implant, you have the option of a round shape or a teardrop shape. In general, the anatomic or teardrop shape is ideal for those who want their implant to emulate the natural slope of breast tissue.

In short, the most natural feeling breast implant not only depends on the implant specifications, but also the characteristics of your breasts. For example, if you have a larger frame, you may want to have cohesive gel implants with a high profile. However, the best way to find out which implant will feel the most natural for you is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bidic, Dr. Gundlapalli or Dr. Sheck.

Learn More About Your Breast Implant Options

If you are considering breast augmentation and want to know more about the implant types available, call American Surgical Arts today at 856-362-8898. We welcome patients to our office in Mullica Hill, NJ.

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