What is the Lower Body Lift Procedure Like?

A closeup of a woman's hips in a bikini. If you are having a lower body lift performed by Dr. Sean Bidic, there are a few steps that you can expect. Generally, body lift surgery is done as an outpatient procedure, requiring anesthesia or some form of sedation. From there, the incisions made will depend on your individual needs and the areas in which excess skin or fat will be removed.

For most patients, Dr. Bidic makes a circumferential incision around the lower torso. This is very similar to the incision used in a tummy tuck, but is longer and extends around the back of the abdomen. The incision allows Dr. Bidic to lift the thighs and tighten tissue around the buttocks. During this process, he will remove any excess skin from the abdomen and reposition the remaining tissue. At this point, you will either be lying on your side or face down.

Next, Dr. Bidic performs an abdominoplasty or inner thigh lift if needed. He will discuss these options with you prior to your procedure. After this step is complete, Dr. Bidic will close the incisions and place surgical drains to help remove fluid during the early stages of recovery. Finally, he will place a compression garment around the treatment area to help support the newly shaped tissue and control post-operative swelling.

Will There Be Scarring?

The incisions used in a lower body lift will appear dark pink and raised immediately following surgery. While they are permanent, they are placed very low on the stomach and will eventually fade to light pink or white color. They can be easily covered by clothing as well. Before your procedure, Dr. Bidic will help you determine the ideal scar placement based on your goals.

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If you have undergone massive weight loss and want to remove the excess skin around your lower body, call American Surgical Arts today at 856-362-8898 to schedule a consultation. Dr. Bidic will create a customized treatment that addresses all of your unique needs. We are proud to serve patients from our practice in Mullica Hill, New Jersey.

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