What Are the Choices When it Comes to Breast Augmentation?

shutterstock 340830575 Breast implants have been used for decades to enlarge breast size, but today’s breast implants have come a long way from what was available in the past. Today, you can get breast implants that are highly customizable not only to your body frame but also to the final outcome you want to see.

You have choices when it comes to implants:

  • Inner fill gel. The breast implants can be filled with sterile saline solution, which has the same viscosity as water. Another option is silicone gel, and the third option is highly cohesive silicone gel, which retains its shape and form even if the implant ruptures or tears. Cohesive gel implants maintain their shape for the long-term.
  • Shape. Breast implants can be round or shaped like a teardrop (which is also called the anatomic shape). Round implants tend to create some fullness in the top of the breast and generally create round breasts, while an anatomic shape closely mimics the tapering and sloping of natural breasts.
  • Size. Breast implant size is a measurement of volume in CCs. They generally range from 100 to 800 CCs. It’s quite possible that you can benefit from two different implant sizes because most natural breasts have some degree of asymmetry. Our experienced plastic surgeons will help you choose the implant size that will create the results you want.
  • Profile. The profile of the breast implant describes how far from the chest the implant extends, and it is also related to the width of the implant base. Your body frame and current breast size will play a role in determining the implant profile that will look best on your body.

Choosing these breast implant features may feel exciting to you, and you may also feel some pressure to make sure you get the choices right! After all, you probably have a specific vision for how you want your breasts to look, and therefore feel strongly about choosing the implants that align with that look. Don’t worry: Our experienced plastic surgeons are here to guide you through the process. They will go over all of the choices thoroughly so that you feel confident that you are making informed choices.

To arrange a consultation with one of our experienced surgeons to discuss breast enhancement in Mullica Hill, NJ, please call American Surgical Arts at 856-362-8898. We look forward to arranging your visit!

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