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Think about the time you could save if you no longer had to apply makeup. One study concludes that women spend an average of 1 year and 3½ months of their lives putting on cosmetics. With permanent makeup from the New Jersey practice of plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Bidic and Dr. Vinay Gundlapalli, you can add permanent definition to your eyes and lips, devote your time to other things, and save money.

If you're considering permanent makeup in the Mullica Hill, NJ, and greater South Jersey area, choose the practice of surgeons with experience and results that exceed your expectations. Request your consultation online, or call (856) 362-8898 to schedule your appointment.

A Consultation That's All About You

The team at American Surgical Arts will listen carefully to find out what makeup goals you want to achieve — define the lips, enhance the eyebrows, add depth to the eye area, blend scarring or other blemishes, and so on. The most enduring and satisfying results are conservative, versatile, and complementary to your appearance and style, rather than a look that follows a popular trend.

Your Permanent Makeup Treatment

Also called cosmetic tattooing or medical tattooing, permanent makeup involves applying micropigmentation beneath the skin using a handpiece that quickly and repeatedly penetrates the skin with a fine needle. American Surgical Arts offers the safety of a medical office with a highly trained medical staff under the direction of a plastic surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

What to Expect After Permanent Makeup Treatment

You will experience temporary swelling in the treated areas. The pigment will fade to its permanent color for an attractive, natural appearance. You'll enjoy the refined look makeup provides, and you can always change up your look by concealing, blending, or enhancing your permanent makeup with regular makeup. Complementary treatments such as intense pulsed light or chemical peels can further enhance your look.

What Areas of the Face Can Be Treated Using Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup can be used almost anywhere on the face. The more commonly requested areas for treatment include the lips and eyes. Areas where hypopigmentation have occurred and cannot be resolved are also desirable areas for permanent makeup.

What Colors and Styles Should I Choose for My Permanent Makeup?

We encourage patients to be very intentional about the type of makeup they want and the colors they desire, as some colors and makeup trends tend to change quickly over the years. If you are serious about permanent makeup, be sure that the requests you are making look natural and are more classical looks that will withstand the test of time.

How Long Do Permanent Makeup Results Last?

Contrary to its name, permanent makeup is not truly permanent. The results from permanent makeup can last several years. The longevity of these results depends heavily on many different factors, including the type of permanent makeup procedure you received, your skin type, and how well you follow post-procedure instructions. Results may also fade over time due to sun exposure, environmental factors, and even due to your body's natural aging process--just as a tattoo on the skin will fade in color. You can come into our office for further treatments if you would like to boost the color that might naturally lose its vibrancy over time.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Permanent Makeup?

There are certain complications that may arise from permanent makeup. In some instances, patients may have an allergy to the pigments used, though this is rare. Patients who have eyeliner or lipliner applied via permanent makeup may notice some mild swelling and discomfort. Skin irritation and bruising may also occur immediately after treatment, but these issues often resolve on their own over several days.

Is There Pain During the Application Process?

If you've ever had a tattoo, you know that discomfort will occur with other similar procedures. Because permanent makeup is essentially tattooing on the skin, you can expect to experience discomfort during your appointment. Every patient has their own pain threshold, which can also make it difficult to determine the level of pain a patient might experience during their procedure. Our team can apply topical anesthetics in some instances to reduce pain, which can help put many of our patients at ease.

Will My Permanent Makeup Results Look Natural and Subtle?

During a consultation appointment with our team at American Surgical Arts Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Mullica Hill, NJ, we can talk to you about your expectations with permanent makeup treatment. We can discuss with you the process of obtaining permanent makeup and the colors used to achieve your goals. When performed by our experienced medical team, you can rest easy that the permanent makeup you choose meets and exceeds your expectations. We ensure that the tattooed colors look natural on your skin and enhance your appearance without detracting from your more natural facial features.

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