How Long Does a Tummy Tuck Last?

A before and after image of a tummy tuck patient Abdominoplasty is a common body contouring procedure in the U.S. Men and women alike undergo this procedure to achieve a flatter abdomen by removing excess skin and fat. If you are considering a tummy tuck, you probably want to make sure that the results will last a long time. In general, the results are permanent. The fat and skin removed is gone for good, but there are several things that can affect the long-term outcome:

  • Aging. One of the inevitable effects of aging is a loss of skin elasticity. You may notice differences in your skin as it begins to sag a bit in advanced age.
  • Weight loss. If you lose a lot more weight after a tummy tuck, then sagging skin may remain in the area where the fat is lost. For this reason, it’s important to be close to your target weight at the time of the procedure.
  • Weight gain. It’s of course still possible to gain weight after the procedure, and the fat may appear on your belly and across your body.
  • Pregnancy. A tummy tuck in no way affects your ability to be pregnant, but a future pregnancy will likely lead to a bit of weight gain, and the abdominal muscles will get stretched and lax again as your abdomen accommodates your growing baby. So results of a tummy tuck or mommy makeover may be adversely affected, and you may opt to wait until you aren’t planning to have any more children.

A before and after image of an abdominoplasty patient The vast majority of our tummy tuck patients remain happy with their results for the long-term. Exercise, eating well, and a generally healthy lifestyle will help you maintain the look achieved with abdominoplasty.

Achieve the Flatter, Smoother Tummy You’ve Been Envisioning

The longevity of the results is just one aspect you should explore if you are considering the procedure. To discuss candidacy, cost, the process, the results, and more, please call American Surgical Arts at 856-362-8898. Our experienced plastic surgeons in Mullica Hill are personally committed to providing outstanding tummy tuck results to patients who visit us from across New Jersey and the surrounding region.

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