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Lifting the Veil on Her Toned Body

Keep in mind each patient is unique and your results may vary.

MiriamImagine dedicating yourself to getting in shape, sticking to it for years, yet never really feeling confident about your body's appearance. Like so many moms who exercise and take care of themselves, Miriam was frustrated. She couldn't see the results.

"I had lost a lot of weight," says Miriam. "But even with all the working out that I did, I couldn't get rid of the extra skin on my stomach. I knew I had nice abs underneath all that skin, but you couldn't see them."

And that was just her abs. It's no secret that pregnancy and nursing can take a toll on a woman's breasts. But after 4 children, Miriam, who recently turned 40, had few words to describe what she was left with.

"Oh my god, it was horrible."

tummy tuck, says the New Jersey woman, would improve the appearance of her stomach, but she also missed the DD breasts she had before starting a family. She started researching breast augmentation surgeons in New Jersey. A friend who worked at the Vineland hospital where Dr. Sean Bidic holds surgical privileges recommended meeting with him, so she scheduled a consultation.

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In Her Comfort Zone

"For me, going to any doctor for the first time can be intimidating. I'm pretty shy and it's hard to talk about myself," says Miriam.

It was different meeting Dr. Bidic.

"He made me feel so comfortable. He's so caring and put me at ease. I would recommend him to anyone."

She brought her husband to the second consultation and decided then to move ahead with plans for a mommy makeover. Miriam, who works for a New Jersey mortgage firm, said Dr. Bidic's staff was phenomenal, providing all the information she needed. Because she originally planned only on getting breast implants, she financed a portion of the procedure. After submitting an application online, says Miriam, the office staff handled virtually all of the financing details.

Miriam, whose children range in age from 24 to 10-year-old twins, said she discussed the surgery with her entire family. Her husband, she says, was supportive.

"He said if (a mommy makeover) was going to make me happy, then you should do it," she recalls. "And that's the reason I did it. I couldn't wear certain dresses that I liked. I needed it for myself."

'They Really Do Look Natural'

A part-time fitness instructor in addition to her job with the mortgage firm, Miriam said she doesn't mind that people who come to her class know she had a tummy tuck with a breast lift and augmentation. But most people can't tell.

"I didn't want people to look at my breasts and know I had implants," she says of the silicone cohesive gel implants. "And they don't. They really do look natural."

Her surgery went smoothly, says Miriam, and the recovery went as expected. Not easy, necessarily, but Dr. Bidic had prepared her beforehand. The only glitch that occurred was when one of the internal sutures on a breast incision started coming out. She called Dr. Bidic's office and was told that the surgeon was at the hospital. Instead of waiting, she was told Dr. Bidic would see her immediately if she came to the hospital.

"I was shocked," she says. "What other doctor would do that?"

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