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Patience Pays Off for Breast Augmentation Patient

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Keep in mind each patient is unique and your results may vary.

JessicaJessica went to her first consultation with a cosmetic plastic surgeon in New Jersey to discuss getting breast augmentation surgery when she was 18.

"I knew I wanted them done," she says about increasing her breast size with implants.

But the timing wasn't right. She didn't connect with the surgeon, and her mom counseled her to wait. So she waited. It wasn't until she was married with 2 small children that Jessica resumed her search for a surgeon who specialized in breast augmentation near her Cherry Hill, New Jersey, home.

The wait, she says, "was definitely worth it."

'I Knew What I Wanted'

Jessica, 26, researched breast augmentation surgery exhaustively. She knew about the different styles and shapes of breast implants, the pros and cons of different incision sites, and that she wanted implants inserted behind the pectoral muscles.

"I also knew I wanted to go big. I did so much research, so I definitely knew what I wanted. I was on the Internet constantly."

That's also how she discovered Dr. Sean Bidic. A link to his practice's website popped up during her search, and on an impulse she decided to click it. After reading about Dr. Bidic and American Surgical Arts, says Jessica, "I decided to make an appointment."

The Right Choice

"I fell in love with Dr. Bidic from the second I met him. He actually listens to you. He listened to my husband's concerns about potential complications and made both of us feel very comfortable."

Jessica described herself as a full A cup before getting implants. She ended up choosing 600 cc saline, high-profile implants that boosted her to a size DD. Dr. Bidic, Jessica says, "was pretty open to what I wanted."

The staff at American Surgical Arts was equally responsive, she says, accommodating her needs whenever possible.

"I refer him to everybody," she says of Dr. Bidic. "Not just for breast augmentation, but everything. Things like BOTOX® and other cosmetic procedures."

No Surprises

Jessica says the day of the surgery was "nerve-wracking," but says the staff and Dr. Bidic helped put her at ease. Surgery went smoothly, and her recovery went much as Dr. Bidic said it would.

"He said it was going to be pretty painful," she says, primarily because of the submuscular implant placement. The results, however, were worth a few days of discomfort, Jessica says. She was also impressed because Dr. Bidic remained accessible after the surgery, including when she had a problem with one of her sutures.

"I had his cellphone number and could call him and send him photos so he could see the issue. He didn't hesitate to perform the minor repair."

Jessica says her friends are impressed by the results.

"One of my friends went to Dr. Bidic to get breast implants" after seeing her results, Jessica says.

And her husband, who always supported Jessica's decision, is also impressed.

"He thinks they're perfect."

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Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.