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Considering Plastic Surgery? Use These Tips to Prepare

Considering getting plastic surgery in New Jersey? Here are some important tips to help you prepare.

If you’ve been researching plastic surgeons in South Jersey, you’re probably thinking about how to prepare for plastic surgery. I usually encourage women and men during their consultations to consider the pre-surgey time as a great opportunity to not only prepare for their procedure but to also make other lifestyle changes. People who want to look their best can take steps before getting plastic surgery that will help them during recovery and beyond.

Besides detailed pre-op instructions that advise patients about what medications to take or avoid and other specific issues, I provide some general tips in this blog post about preparing for your surgery.

A Healthy Diet Is a Great Start

  • Avoid super low-calorie diets: A balanced diet that includes protein, iron, nutrients, and even some fat will help your recovery.
  • Go easy on prepared foods: Pre-packaged meals typically include a lot of salt. Instead, focus on using fresh, healthy ingredients for your meals. Also avoid making fast-food stops and limit the amount of alcohol you drink in the weeks before your surgery.

Get Off the Couch

  • Stay active: Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and if you already have a routine, keep it up. But remember that this isn’t the time to launch aggressive, strenuous workouts that could risk injury just before your surgery. If you don’t have an ongoing exercise regimen, ease into a routine that can gradually build muscle and stamina (which is important to your recovery).
  • Concentrate on your core: Emphasizing exercises that can strengthen the muscles in your back and abs is especially important for patients getting tummy tucks or other body contouring procedures.

Just Quit

  • Smoking, that is: Choosing to make a change through plastic surgery indicates that you value the quality of life. Patients who smoke must be willing to stop at least 6 weeks before the surgery and during the recovery period. I encourage any patient who is a smoker to make this a permanent change. Smoking impedes blood circulation, which is a critical part of ensuring a recovery without complications. Inadequate circulation is a risk factor for blood clots.

Get Your House in Order

It’s a good idea to make a list of things you’ll need during your recovery and stock up on them now. Besides filling your prescription for pain meds or other medications you’ll need, here are some other items to consider:

  • Make sure you have entertainment: Get magazines, books, and anything else that you’ll want to keep you entertained during the recovery period. Light-hearted fare that doesn’t require too much concentration is usually best.
  • Stock up: Buy single-serving, healthy snacks, moisturizing skin wipes, loose clothing, dressings for incisions, and traction socks (especially if you have wood floors).
  • Prepare a nest: Other than walking around the house a few times a day to keep your blood circulating, you’ll be resting. Get everything you’re going to want within arm’s length. This means remotes, smartphones, the above-mentioned books, magazines, and wipes, and anything else that you won’t want to be without.

Research Your Doctor

Something else that you can do to prepare for surgery is to learn more about your plastic surgeon’s work by visiting the practice’s website and viewing the before-and-after photo gallery for the procedure you’re getting and reading related blog posts.

If you’re considering plastic surgery, you can contact us using the online form to request a consultation or call my Mullica Hill plastic surgery practice at (856) 362-8898 to schedule an appointment.

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