Baldness Does Not Have to be Permanent

Hair loss man looking in bathroom mirror Hair growth creams and gels can be somewhat successful but are only temporary and do not work for everyone. For many people with thinning hair, receding hairlines, or baldness, the look of our face and this lack of hair can negatively impact self-image and confidence. This may lead to efforts to hide the area with hats or scarves, which might not be appropriate for some activities or events.

At American Surgical Arts in Mullica Hill, NJ, Dr. Bidic and his expert staff are pleased to offer Neograft hair restoration to help bring back that full head of hair and restore your confidence. Not only is Neograft safe and highly effective at restoring hair in thinning or balding areas, but you will also be growing your natural hair that perfectly blends into other areas on your head.

Under his meticulous eyes and expert hands, Dr. Bidic will transplant or graft one or several individual hair follicles into a specific place on your head. Dr. Bidic ensures that the hair is transplanted into new areas with the appropriate density and that each follicle is positioned and angled appropriately to give a perfectly natural appearance.

Since this type of procedure, especially when transplanting large areas of hair, can take much longer than others, you may be in the office for many hours. However, as meticulous and rigid as the procedure is, it’s minimally invasive, and you will be able to take breaks, stretch, and even have a snack if needed.

Once the procedure is completed, you can return home the same day. Although there will be some redness and swelling around the harvest and graft site, this will subside within a few days. It is important to remember that since the transplanted hair is your own, it will grow at the same rate as it did from where it was harvested, and it may take a few months to see the final results.

There is no reason to continue using chemicals or gels or hiding your face with hats and scarves by covering thinning hair or baldness. Contact the American Surgical Arts Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery team in Mullica Hill, NJ, at 856-362-8898 or visit to learn more about Neograft or many other aesthetic treatment options.

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